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Kimberly G.

Food blogger


Hello, fellow food-loving friends! My name is Kimberly Gearhart – please call me Kim. I'm fun, quirky, a little silly, and a lot of sassy (according to my daughter). I have two children: Emily, my daughter, 20, is a foodie like myself, and got my superpower for cooking and eating (it might be a curse); Jonah, my son, 12, on the other hand, eats like a bird, and the struggles of his picky eating habits are real. My husband, Trevor, is a great eater and fellow recipe tester. He is also my occasional sous chef and master dishwasher. 

I love food – cooking it, eating it and, of course, watching others enjoy it. I can sit for hours and read a cookbook and get super excited and inspired. I dog-ear almost every single page of recipes I want to go make. Everyone in my family knows that if mom has a new cooking magazine, no one reads it until she does. 

Within the last year, I've had some health issues that have forced me to look differently at what I'm eating and, yes, what I'm cooking. Most of my recipes have been adjusted to make them gluten-free, dairy-free, or both to fit my new lifestyle. But they are still delicious, and my entire family still enjoys them, except for Jonah, sometimes. These adjustments are totally optional. If your family does not have any dietary restrictions, please see the source recipe links for the original ingredient lists.

I have a graphic design background so I see the "art" in cooking. It is my blank canvas. I get to create wonderful masterpieces every time I step into my kitchen. Cooking is also an escape – yes, an escape. It is a creative outlet I use to relieve stress. And, finally, food is contentment. Comfort food, after all, is just that. Food makes us feel comfort, whether it's a family recipe that has been passed down for generations or a new family favorite that you've just discovered. My recipes vary from comfort food to fancy date night dinners and desserts to easy weeknight meals for the busy, working cooks like myself. I am also the queen of meal prep and freezer meals, so I will share lots of pointers that I have learned along the way.


Cooking to me shows great passion, because I put my heart and soul into every meal I make and share. Remember to love one another and always cook them good food. So, I invite you to please come in and make yourself at home. There will always be a fun cocktail or a glass of wine waiting for you. Please pull up a chair and come have a seat at our table.



I look forward to hearing from you. I welcome your comments, feedback, and suggestions. Thanks for visiting!


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